R.A.A. Data Services - High Speed Wireless Internet

Valued Customer, 

We would like to extend our thanks to all customers for the opportunity to be your internet service provider. We have had a number of upgrades and expansions over the last year that are all attributed to you and the needs of our community. These upgrades include, but are not limited to, 

  1. A new LTE network on all existing sites thanks to a grant from Columbiana County commissioners and Elkrun Township trustees
    • Please note, we have had quite a few complications/learning curves with the new LTE network but have been working to resolve those issues as they arise.
  2. Six new tower sites installed and in operation and two sites ready to build and install within the next three months 
  3. The installation of a brand new secondary fiber at an alternative location to alleviate some prior bottle necks and create redundancy in our network. This 10 month project has only been operational since 02/10/2022!
  4. An after hours tier one technical support team (ext. 2 answers 24/7)!
  5. Lowered upgraded and premium package prices in May of 2021.
  6. Paperless billing with the option of autopay

We are a small business and local neighbor in your county trying to provide rural communities with faster internet. Due to the pandemic, faster speed and more data has never been more applicable. For some, the amount of internet used over the last two years has not changed. For most we are working, streaming, and playing online more than ever without realizing that those services are requiring more bandwidth than previously needed. With every new device, “higher definition”, game console, or update, your services may require more speed without you realizing. As a reminder we DO NOT data cap or meter customer connections. The speed you pay for is the speed you get all month long. 

If you experience problems, please call us during business hours to discuss any speed concerns or possible equipment issues (after hours support is tier one only). A lot of you may not even realize that we offer different packages or a yearly discount listed below! 

*Please note the premium package is not available in all areas. *Must contact us in regards to yearly discount and paperless billing

Thank you for your time,

Anna E M Johnson

Operations Manager