R.A.A. Data Services

Hi-Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider

Terms & Conditions

Refunds are on a case by case bases. For questions, concerns, or disputes, please contact our billing department at 330-457-0677.

All unapproved charge backs will be subject to a $35.00 fee including charge back amount.

All equipment must be returned via UPS or USPS in 3 business days after termination notice. Please send equipment to:

RAA Data Services

9168 Steubenville Pike

Lisbon, Ohio 44432

Customer agrees to pay for all charges associated with early termination and equipment not returned on the 4th business day after termination notice to be applied by credit card on file.

At any time during of which RAA Data Services, Inc. equipment is still on the customer premise, the customer agrees that equipment will be covered under customer residential or commercial insurance.

At no time can the customer allow ANY other company to touch, use, or move RAA Data Services, Inc. equipment.  Failure to do so will subject customer to all cost of recovery and cancellation fees and a $500.00 fine to be billed at time of termination or upon discovery by RAA Data Services, Inc.



Direct Line of site internet.

All refunds are on a case by case basis. RAA Data Services, Inc. guarantees speeds based on clear line of site to leased equipment, (SM) subscriber module, to customer and up time of 75% connectivity. RAA Data Services, Inc. does not warrant speeds to customer owned equipment i.e. router, laptops, streaming devices For any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding refunds contact us at: 330-271-9693